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MASSIVE Reductions NOW!!

November 21, 2015

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New Logo belly bars

June 26, 2015

We have added some great new belly bars with logo designs, these have surgical steel bars, some have bright acrylic balls with logo design, some have surgical steel balls with logo designs, why not have a look, many are at bargain prices right now

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UK made body jewellery

June 12, 2015

All of our titanium body jewellery (belly bars, tongue bars, eyebrow bars, labrets, tragus studs, ball closure rings and industrial ear piercing scaffold bars) are made here in the UK. They are extremely good quality and made by the same company that supplies many piercing studios around the country with their piercing equipment and jewellery. [...]

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Last few days of our sale

March 21, 2015

There are only a few days left of our body jewellery sale, we are still making daily reductions of many belly bars and other body jewellery, so you still have time to grab some real bargains.  the discount code 15%please is also still valid for a while, so you can get an extra 15% off the sale prices [...]

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Belly Bars & Body Jewellery Sale

March 17, 2015

We have a massive sale on right now, with lots of belly bars and body jewellery items reduced, we are changing prices every day as stock levels run down, we would rather sell it than count it when our stock take is due, so grab a bargain belly bar now while you can! You can also still use the [...]

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Body Jewellery Discount Code

March 7, 2015

discount-code-body-jewellery   New code for discount of 20% off all body jewellery orders until Sunday march 15th!!   Just type in     mothersday as a coupon code on the checkout page and you will get 20% off the body jewellery you order Happy Shopping!  

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Titanium button Bars

All of our titanium belly bars are made here in the UK. They are as used by the top body piercing studios throughout the country for initial belly button piercings.  We have searched for a long time and tried all the manufacturers we could find until we were happy we had the best quality. All [...]

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fake body jewellery

March 5, 2015

We have just had some lovely fake rings in, wear on your nose, ears, lip, septum, as helix rings, or earrings. Fake body piercing rings that are really easy to wear, with spring loaded fitting. Loads of colours to choose from, try one out and see what it would look like with your nose pierced or [...]

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Belly bars

Belly bars are usually titanium, surgical steel or flexible acrylic bars with jewels attached. The standard gauge(thickness) for UK belly button piercing jewellery is 1.6mm(or 14g in gauge measurement ), and they can vary from 6mm to 12mm long, sometimes longer. When your belly button is pierced the piercer will use a hollow needle to make the piercing. This [...]

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Belly bars with big crystals

January 19, 2015

These belly bars with large clear crystals are just beautiful, the hearts are in either 10mm or 12mm jewel sizes, bar lengths 8mm or 10mm, they look lovely, and the claw setting is solid 925 sterling silver, they have our distinctive 5mm clear jewelled fancy top screw on jewel too, WOW!