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Body jewellery & Belly bars FAQ:

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We get asked a lot of questions about body piercings and also of course body piercing jewellery, so here are a few of the best ones, and some answers... all advice given is only general and should be taken as such, please note that these are just some questions and answers about body piercing and the jewellery used for this purpose...

Where can I get my body piercings done ?

Well, the best place is a good local studio, it all depends on where you live, if anyone you know has had good or bad experiences where you may be thinking of going, etc

What is your body piercing jewellery made from ? 

There will be a description on every item stating what it is made of, most of the body jewellery is described as surgical steel, or stainless steel, which means it is at the very minimum high grade 316L surgical steel, some body jewellery is titanium (grade 23), some is acrylic, some is bioplast, some is PVD gold etc., there are more exact grades that we could use, but in general it would mean nothing to the customer..but rest assured, all of our body jewellery exceeds UK & European guidelines for quality

Is my belly bar length or size important ?

Yes it is very important, you need to wear the correct size(length) bar in any body piercing..With belly button or navel piercings most piercers do the piercing so it will be around 10mm when healed. The length of your belly bar has nothing to do with your size. We do have a section on how to measure your belly bar which may come in handy.

Please remember when ordering any body piercing jewelelry that it is up to you to choose the correct size, we do NOT exchange body piercing jewellery because the customer ordered the wrong size . This may sound a bit harsh but it does mean you can be assured that you are the only person that has worn the body jewellery..thinkj about it...some websites think this is not important...we do!!!

How do you stretch ear lobe piercings?

A very good question, very very slowly is the best answer, 1 size larger each time you size up. If it hurts, then stop where you are. By forcing your piercing to stretch too fast you risk blow outs, tearing your skin and permenantly damaging your ear piercings, which is NOT good news..It is very hard to give exact info on this, but, the best thing to do is remember that it is your body, and you are responsible for it, so get as much advice as you  can, read about it, ask friends,ask piercing studios and have a think about it..slowly!! 

How secure is my information?

We do not give out or sell ANY information about customers to anyone!! All payments go through Worldpay, the UK market leader in secure online card payments, thye deal with all aspects of the payments, so we cannot not get to see any of your crucial card information, so your information is very very safe!! 

How long will it take before my body jewellery purchase is delivered to me?

We really do try our hardest to send orders out within 24 hours of them being made, this usually means if you make your order and pay sucessfully at say 9am on Monday morning, your body jewellery item/s  will usually be packed and sent to you the same day, and if this is the case and you are in the UK they could be delivered the next day. If you order at 3pm you order will not usually be packed and sent until the next day, as we usually get the mailbags collected around 2pm. This is only a general rule, sometimes we are too busy to get all orders finished before the mailbags are collected, sometimes they are collected a little later, but we do really try to get them done and sent out as soon as we can. Orders sent to the USA ,Canada,Australia & NZ usually take around 7-10 days, orders sent to Europe usually take about a week , this is a rough guide, the average time, but we really cannot guarantee how long it will take if you arent in the UK. (If you are in USA,Canada,Australia or NZ or outside the EU you may have to pay import taxes before your purchase gets delivered, this is usually not very ,much, a percentage of the order total that your tax system chooses.

Where is this Body jewellery online shop based?

We are based in the centre of Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk, England. An office and store room/warehouse in a magnificent victorian building, shared by a few local small businesses.  A bit more space for our ever increasing body piercing jewellery stock! Please note , this is our office and store address ONLY, we do not sell anything directly from here,  we are a mail order/internet retailer ONLY.

I don't know what size I am, how can I measure my body piercing?

The best way if you don't know what size you may need for your particular body piercing is to get your local piercing studio to measure your piercing and let you know what size you need. If you are confident and have a device that can measure in mm's(even a ruler will do for most body piercing items) then do it yourself, we do have a guide to measuring your body piercing jewellery on the site.)  

Do I get a discount if i buy more than 1 item?

If it is stated on the body jewellery item that you are looking to buy that there is a special discount promotion on that particular item then of course you will, if not then you won't.

How is your body jewellery packaged?

All of our body piercing items are individually packed into sealed poly grip bags, then into a padded gift box (or small padded gift bag for nose studs etc., ), then that goes into a padded envelope, so your items will arrive safe and sound, just as we sent them!!  Even the tiny jewelled nose studs and nose jewellery gets packed in a nice gift bag !! Please note that we do put more than 1 item into each box, if you want extra boxes then we do have them for sale at a very reasonable cost.

Where is your body piercing jewellery made?

We are a small indepedent family business, and we try wherever we can to use UK manufacturers, and even make some ourselves now, so a lot of our body jewellery is made in the UK.ALL of our Titanium Body Jewellery is made here in the UK and we are used as the showcase for their extremely colourful stock!!

We even make some high grade surgical steel body jewellery ourselves now, thats why some of our belly button bars, nose jewellery and ear stretching jewellery is not available anywhere else!! We also get body jewellery components from all over the world, the the best anwer to that is:  the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy and Thailand.