Gold PVD Body Jewellery

To describe our Gold PVD body jewellery in a word, stunning!!

British Made finest quality Gold PVD Titanium Body Jewellery, superb value.too!!

Our Gold PVD(Physical Vapour Deposition) body jewellery is made by applying the PVD Gold coating onto solid titanium body jewellery. The body jewellery is then coated in a heated chamber under high vacuum.
Electric voltage is applied and forms a plasma in the chamber and the introduction of various gases produces an ion bombardment.
This bombardment atomizes the cathode material into tiny substances, which are deposited on the titanium body jewellery.
The result is a hardened layer, which is biocompatible. It can be autoclaved.

PVD Gold body jewellery is a cost effective way of wearing high quality body jewellery that looks, feels and wears extremely well. PVD Gold body jewellery is made with either Titanium or 316L surgical steel (as stated on the item description), this is coated with gold during the manufacturing process, not plated like cheaper alternatives. PVD gold looks just like gold body jewellery but is a fraction of the price, and our Titanium PVD Gold body jewellery is bio-compatable so safe to wear in initial piercings.( Titanium is what false joints and body implants are made from, this is because the body accepts the metal,) as well as the fact that it is extremely light and strong.  You will be amazed, many of our customers are just so happy with the look of these PVD gold items (especially the double jewelled belly button bars) they just cannot believe they haven't discovered them earlier.    

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Gold PVD BCR with Jewel
Gold BCR with clip in jewelled ball. PVD titanium ball closure ring with CZ jewelled clip in ball..
Ex Tax: £7.49
Gold PVD Tongue Bar - Clear Jewel
Gold PVD tongue bar with clear jewel, choose your bar length. Gold PVD titanium tongue bar wi..
Ex Tax: £9.99
Gold Eyebrow Bar with Spikes - PVD 316L
Gold eyebrow bar in PVD surgical steel with spikes. These PVD Gold eyebrow bars look really good,..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Gold Eyebrow Bars - PVD 316L
Gold eyebrow bars in high grade 316L surgical steel. These PVD gold eyebrow bars look and feel ju..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Gold PVD bcr, ball closure ring. These BCRs are high grade 316L surgical steel with a PVD Gold fi..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Gold PVD Belly Bar - Aqua
Gold PVD high grade 316L surgical steel belly bar with lovely Aquamarine colour jewel. Our&n..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Gold PVD Belly Bar - Champagne Colour
Gold PVD belly bar with a very unusual champagne colour jewel. These high grade 316L surgical ste..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Gold PVD Steel Belly Bar - AB
Gold PVD high grade 316L surgical steel single jewelled belly bar with AB reflective Jewel. ..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Gold PVD Steel Belly Bar - CZ
Gold PVD high grade 316L surgical steel belly bar with single jewelled ball. These  PVD Gold..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Gold PVD Steel Belly Bar - Fuchsia
Gold PVD high grade 316L surgical steel belly bars with Bright Fuschia Pink jewel. These Gold PVD..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Gold PVD Steel Tragus Stud
Gold PVD tragus stud, 1.2mm x 6mm with a 3mm screw on ball. These gold PVD tragus studs are suita..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Gold PVD Surgical Steel Eyebrow Bar with Jewel.
Gold PVD surgical steel eyebrow bar with CZ jewel set in one top end. The other ball unscrew..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Gold PVD Titanium BCR
Gold PVD Titanium BCR with clip in ball. Hand made here in the UK, these PVD Gold ball closu..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Gold PVD Titanium Tongue Bar
Gold PVD Titanium tongue bar with plain 5mm screw on balls. These top quality Gold PVD Titanium t..
Ex Tax: £7.99
PVD Gold Circular Barbell with Spikes
This PVD Gold 316L surgical steel circular barbell with spikes is 1.2mm x 8mm  with 4mm..
Ex Tax: £2.99
PVD Gold Titanium BCR
PVD gold titanium BCR with a clear CZ jewelled clip in ball, these ball closure rings a..
Ex Tax: £6.95
PVD Gold Titanium Eyebrow Bar with Balls
PVD gold titanium eyebrow bar with screw on balls. These PVD Gold titanium eyebrow bars are made ..
Ex Tax: £5.50
PVD Gold Titanium Tragus Stud
PVD Gold titanium tragus stud. Hand made here in the UK by a body jewellery specialist, these are..
Ex Tax: £4.95
PVD Gold Titanium Tragus Studs with Clear CZ
PVD gold titanium tragus stud with clear CZ jewelled ball. These little tragus studs are sol..
Ex Tax: £5.95