Body Piercing Retainers

Body piercing retainers and see through tongue bars

Body piercing retainers, retainers for all your body piercings. If you need to hide your body piercing then you should find something to help. Our body piercing retainers should fit most parts of the body, with clear plastic tongue bars to hide your tongue piercings in several different styles ,clear acrylic labrets, clear flexible eyebrow bars, and also medical grade highly flexible PTFE in 50mm lengths, so you can make your own body jewellery up as long as you need it. (A little tip is to make sure you always leave at least 2mm each side for the thread), oh, and we of course sell the best quality titanium threading tools, 1.2mm one side, 1.6mm the other.(out of stock at the moment, but back soon) 

If you like the thought of making up you own body jewellery then also check out our "bits & pieces" page, where you will find all the components needed to make you own body jewellery. 

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Clear Tongue Retainers
Clear tongue piercing retainers with acrylic screw on domes, these lay flat against you..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Clear Flexible PTFE Body Jewellery 300mm Length
Clear flexible PTFE body jewellery. This is extremely flexible and body piercing friendly. Uk man..
Ex Tax: £6.00
Clear Flexible PTFE Body Jewellery 50mm length
Clear flexible PTFE body jewellery. This is 1.6mm thick and available in various lengths, th..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Clear Nose Retainer
Clear nose retainer with ball. These curved nose retainers just about disappear as soon as y..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Clear Tongue Bars with 1 Flat End
Clear tongue bars in clear acrylic. The 5mm clear acrylic ball unscrews for fitting , a..
Ex Tax: £2.59
Tongue Piercing Retainer Set
Tongue piercing retainer set, one in pink acrylic , one in clear acrylic. The flexible bars ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Tongue Piercing Retainers
Tongue piercing retainers with high grade 316L surgical steel bars. These tongue reatiners have c..
Ex Tax: £2.59