Gold PVD Titanium BCR

Gold PVD Titanium BCR

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Gold PVD Titanium BCR with clip in ball. Hand made here in the UK, these PVD Gold ball closure rings are fantastic quality, solid titanium with hard wearing PVD gold finish. We always stock lots of various sizes, from a large 1.6mm x 12mm with 5mm clip in ball, to a tiny 1.2mm x 7mm with a 3mm clip in ball. Please note that ball closure rings (BCRs) are called ball closure rings because the clip in ball is what keeps the jewellery in place (closes the ring). There is a knack to doing these up, and once you have done it a few times, it is actually very easy, but some people do think that somehow the ball will unscrew to undo the ring, it does not unscrew!!  To undo the ball closure ring the easiest thing to do is hold the ring firmly with thumb and forefinger and with the other hand grip the clip in ball, lift the ring upwards and pull on the ball and it should come out. It is held into place with 2 little dimples, that in turn are gripped by the ends of the closure ring, so as soon as 1 dimple comes out it undoes. We would advise to try to do this a few times before putting the jewelelry in and tryiong to do it up in your piercing..      

Material : Titanium

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