Pregnancy Belly Bar - Bioflex Navel Bar

Pregnancy Belly Bar - Bioflex Navel Bar

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Pregnancy belly bar/maternity belly bar. Bioflex sas long been one of the best flexible body jewellery materials. These 22mm long curved Bioflex bars are perfect for maternity/pregnancy wear. They can of course easily be cut down the shorter sizes if you need to do this, or else, we will gladly do this for you if you let us know when ordering for no extra charge.(We will cut the bar to about 1mm of your stated request, and we measure the straight line distance between the balls with the bar still curved.)  If you want to do it yourself then first take the bar out of your piercing.....then just use a very sharp blade (craft knife etc.) on a hard surface, and cut easily through the bar in one movement (remember to leave extra space on each end for the thread to be (approx 2mm each side at least).  Once you have done this you need to make a new thread on the bar, and the easiest way to do this is simply use the top ball of a normal belly bar, either surgical steel of titanium, hold the bar firmly in your fingers and gently try to thread the ball onto the bar, you will need to go back and forward a few times to cut the new thread. Of course, when you first try there won't be a thread at all, but the material is soft and will easily be thtreaded.     

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